Alcala de Henares

ah1Alcala de Henares is the birthplace of Cervantes, famous author of Don Quixote, and one of the oldest university sites in Spain. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, it is located just 30 kilometers from the capital. Thanks to its rich heritage, the tour will be an authentic journey through the Roman, medieval and Renaissance history of Spain. The visit includes the Rectorate of the University of Alcala, where you will have access to spaces that are generally closed to the public. The tour concludes with a meal at the restaurant of the Parador Nacional, an important historical building recently renovated.

The fee includes:

  • Round trip by bus from the city of Madrid.
  • Guided tour of the town, the Rectorate, and annexed buildings.

  • Lunch at Parador de Alcalá de Henares, located within a historic building. You can see more about the restaurant on this website.



GUIDE: Vicente Fernandez
DATE: Sunday, June 19
TIME: 10:00 AM (Departure from Madrid) - 4:00 PM (Arrival at Madrid)
FEE: 75 €


Tours will only take place if there are sufficient registrations. The deadline to reserve a tour is June 5, 2022.