ar1Aranjuez is one of the few places in Spain declared a Cultural Landscape by UNESCO. With its winding canals and irrigation channels, which contrast with the straight lines of the rural and urban landscape, its tree-lined gardens and the delicately modulated architecture of its palatial buildings, Aranjuez is an example of the complex relationship between humans and nature. Over the course of three hundred years, the Spanish monarchs dedicated themselves to designing and caring for this site, making it a sample of the evolution of the concepts of humanism and political centralization, as well as a landscape in which the characteristics of the French baroque garden of the 18th century converge with those of the urban way of life of the Age of Enlightenment.

The tour includes a visit to the Palace, the gardens and the surrounding orchards, as well as lunch at the restaurant El Corral de la Abuela.

The fee includes:

  • Round trip by bus from the city of Madrid.
  • Entrance fee to the Palace.

  • Guided tour of the town, the Palace and the gardens.

  • Lunch at El Corral de la Abuela. You can see more about the restaurant on its website.



GUIDES: Marta García Carbonero & Isabel de Cardenas Maestre
DATE: Sunday, June 19
TIME: 10:00 AM (Departure from Madrid) - 4:00 PM (Arrival at Madrid)
FEE: 75 €


Tours will only take place if there are sufficient registrations. The deadline to reserve a tour is June 5, 2022.