Wednesday June 15th. ETSAM


Workshop: Architectural Histories

Place: ROOM 1G2

Workshop: GAHTC

Place: ROOM 1G3

13:30 - 18:00

Thematic Interest Groups Long Meetings

Postmodernism · Place: ROOM 1G1

15:00 Registration opening · ETSAM Second Floor Foyer

Thematic Interest Groups Standard Meetings

Housing · Place: ROOM 1G2

Architecture and Environment · Place: ROOM 1G3

Building Word Image · Place: ROOM 1G4

Histories in Conflict · Place: ROOM 1G5

Europe/Latin America Exchanges · Place: ROOM 2G1

Urban Representations · Place: ROOM 2G2

Women and Gender in Architecture and Urban Design · Place: ROOM 2G3

Architecture and Migration · Place: ROOM 2G4

Eastern European · Place: ROOM 2G5

18:00 Conference opening · ETSAM Auditorium (Entrance Floor) 

Opening keynote: Rafael Moneo

The urgency of 'other' histories today

20:00 - 21:30

Opening reception

Museo del Traje · Garden

Thursday June 16th. COAM

10:00 - 12:30

RT01 - But Today We Collect Likes: Digital Mass Media, History and New Research Methodologies

Chair: Daniel Díez Martínez 

Track: Approaches and Methods

Place: ROOM 4

Developing a Digital Humanities Approach to Future Archiving: Mass Visual Images of the Built Environment and Future_ARChive  Yael Allweil
“Dream-like Spaces” as Spaces of Likes: Towards the New Research Sources Jovana Tošić
Elements of Architectural Memetics  Amir Djalali 
Architectural Guides in a Hyperconnected World: Proper Dissemination Tools? Ángel Camacho Pina
History of Architecture in the 21st Century Based on Digital Repositories and Social Networks Guido Cimadomo
The Private Space Becomes Public: Our Houses in Social Networks and Their Influence on Domestic Architecture Almudena de Benito Alonso

S01 - Architectural Criticism: Constructing a History

Chairs: Hélène Jannière and Paolo Scrivano

Track: Expanded Discourses


Advertising, Objectivity and Neue Werkkunst: Investigating the Infrastructure of Architectural Criticism Sarah Borree 
Photography as Criticism: Gabriele Basilico and the Project of a “Small Utopia" Davide Deriu 
Advocacy and Action: Local Newspapers and Architectural Discourse  Kathryn Holliday 
Never Pander, Always Lead: From Interpretive to Instructional Criticism in The Architectural Review Jessica Kelly
One Critic, One Architect: The Birth of the Reader Christophe Van Gerrewey
Other Modernities: Architectural Criticism in Rome, c. 1830-1870 Richard Wittman

S03 - Bathroom Matters: Architectures and Infrastructures of the Twentieth Century

Chairs: Ignacio G. Galán and Iván L. Munuera

Track:Material Shifts

Place: ROOM 2

“Revolutionizing” the Toilet: Winding Up the Soviet Communal Bathroom, 1920-30 Evangelos Kotsioris
Maintaining Modern Hygiene: Paulette Bernège’s Domestic Infrastructure  James Graham 
Groupes Sanitaires Mobiles: Health, Disease and Settlement in French Morocco  Sara Frikech 
(Water) Closeted: Queer Appropriations of the Domestic Bathroom Sergio Preston
Body and Poop in the Service of the State: Modern China’s Bathroom under Reform Yan Wencheng

S06 - Diplomatic Architecture and Changing Power Relations from Imperialism to Post-Colonialism

Sponsored by the Society of Architectural Historians Great Britain

Chairs: Fredie Floré and Anne-Françoise Morel

Track: Core Margins

Place: ROOM 5

Power, Stability, Diplomacy on the International Stage: Architecture of New Japan at Vienna World’s Fair of 1873 Faraz Olfat 
One Décor, Shifting Messages: French Built Diplomacy in Cairo and the “Art of Seduction” (1888-1937) Mercedes Volait 
Status in the Sublime Porte: The Belgian Hôtel de Legation as a Prerequisite for Diplomatic Influence in Istanbul  Charlotte Rottiers 
In Pursuit of Architectural Esperanto: The Humanistic Ambitions of the Musée Dynamique (1966) in Dakar Lauren Taylor
Architecture Exhibitions as Diplomatic Affairs: Insights from Colombia Michael Andrés Forero Parra

S08 - Histories of Informal Architecture

Chairs: Florian Urban and Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

Track: Urban Paradigms

Place: ROOM 3

Against Informality: Revisiting Algiers from the Bidonville  Sheila Crane 
Anonymous: A History Possessed by the Non-Pedigreed Architect Huma Gupta
“Per sbaraccare occorre baraccare”: From Informal to Formal Housing in Fascist Rome Anna Mascorella
“Urban Loopholes”: a Spatial and Temporal Framework for Urban Spatial Productions under Rapid Change Ying Zhou
From tabula rasa to genius loci: “skipping over” the informal construction in central Zagreb Melita Čavlović/ Antun Sevšek
12:30 - 15:30 Lunch + Walking Seminars
13:30 - 15:30

Interest Group Coordinator Meeting

Place: Auditorium 
15:30 - 18:00

RT03 - Historiography, Get It Right

Sponsored by the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand

Chairs: Macarena de la Vega and Gevork Hartoonian 

Track:  Expanded Discourses


No (More) History: Reassessing Priorities in Today’s Architectural Historiography  Carmen Popescu
Towards Non-Eurocentric Historiographies: Challenging Europe’s Position in the Formation of Architectural Histories Marianna Charitonidou 
Latin American Architecture as the Architecture of Resistance Patricio del Real
Comparative Histories of Architecture: History, Architecture, or Idealism? Pedro P. Palazzo
History Curated. Architecture Museums – Custodians of the Past, Critics of the Present? Christina Pech 
Variety, Contingency, Modernity in Architectural History  Pollyanna Rhee 
Polished Fascism: Histories of the Architectural Right for Historiography to Go Left María González Pendas
Women, Gender, and Architectural History  Mary McLeod 

S10 - Magical Architecture

Chair: Thomas Mical

Track: Approaches and Methods

Place: ROOM 4

Architectures of Ingenuity Carolina Dayer
Esoteric Invariants of Architecture Carlos J. Irisarri 

Magic and Desire: Radical Embodied Knowledge in Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

Darío Negueruela del Castillo
The Power of Shadow, from Magic to Illusionism Laura Trazic

S04 - Building from Print: Reconsidering the Agency of the Building Manual 

Chairs: Gregorio Astengo and Emma Letizia Jones 

Track: Material Shifts

Place: ROOM 3

Manuals of Global Counterinsurgency in Late Colonial War: Guiding the Architecture of Portugal’s Forced Resettlement Camps in Africa, 1961-74 Tiago Castela and Rui Aristides
Housing in Translation: Henry Roberts’s Dwellings of the Labouring Classes Irina Davidovici
Chinoiserie Pattern Books – Not Just a Distorting Mirror Alexandra Harrer
“Immediate Education for Survival”: The Pictorical Building Manuals of the CCSK Jesse Lockard 
The Builder’s Price Book as Repository of Architectural Innovation Conor Lucey

S12 - Non-Aligned Narratives. South and Eastern European Architectural Criticism during the Cold War

Chairs: Rute Figueiredo and Jasna Galjer

Track: Core Margins

Place: ROOM 5

Italian Translation of USSR Architecture, 1962-1981 Federica Vannucchi 
UIA Working Group on Education: Expanding Educational Spaces 1970-1978 Maja Lorbek and Susanne Rick
Scaling between Global and Local, Modernism and Socialist Realism. Critical Analyses of Karel Honzík (Czechoslovakia) and André Lurçat (France) at the Outbreak of the Cold War Marcela Hanáčková
From the Far Southwest: Regarding the Resonances of the International Debate Through the Portuguese FCP-HE Bulletin Rui Seco
Anthill Against Oasis: Mário Pedrosa and the 1959 Extraordinary International Congress of Art Critics in Brasilia  Vanessa Grossman

S09 - Learning from Madrid, an Open Session on Contemporary Urban Peripheries

Chair: Ana Miret García and Alona Martínez

Track: Urban Paradigms

Place: ROOM 2

Living in Central Peripheries  Nuria Casais Pérez and Ferran Grau Valldosera
Mapping Multiple Peripheries: Beyond the Zurich Kernstadt Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum 
Heritage and Periphery: Flashes of Everyday Life through Scenes of Madrid David Escudero
Double Peripheries. Homelessness on the Edge of the City of Barcelona: the Case of Poblenou Marta Serra-Permanyer and Carlos Bitrian Varea
18:00 - 19:00

Keynote Lecture: Claudia Hopkins

Al-Andalus in Translation. Controversies and Debates

Place: Conference Hall


Book Launch

Radical Pedagogies. Edited by Beatriz Colomina,  Ignacio G. Galán,  Evangelos Kotsioris and  Anna-Maria Meister. MIT Press.

Place: Larger Area on the Garden Floor

Friday June 17th. COAM

10:00 - 12:30

RT05 - Toxics / Architectural Histories

Chairs: Meredith TenHoor and Jessica Varner

Track: Material Shifts

Place: ROOM 3

Superfluity, or the Treatment of Mine Waste in (Post)Apartheid South Africa  Megan Eardley
From White Modernism to Human Tissue: The Toxic Entanglements of Titanium Dioxide Ingrid Halland
Cheap Sheets: Waste Wood, Low-Cost Construction, and “the Formaldehyde Problem” Erin Putalik
Contaminated Forms: Agricultural Landscapes, Infrastructure, and Spatial Configuration in Costa Rican Banana Enclaves  Natalia Solano-Meza
Post-mining Toxics Hannah Le Roux

S11 - Mid-Century Modern Architecture and the Academic Tradition 

Chairs: Carlos Eduardo Comas and Maria Cristina Cabral 

Track: Approaches and Methods


The Beaux-Arts Poché and Modern Architecture in Latin America  Cláudia Costa Cabral 
Mario Pani, a Modern Stemmed from the École des Beaux-Arts  Louise Noelle Gras 
Not a “Coal Mine Shaft”: Washington D.C.’s Metrorail Stations and Their Postwar Classical Character Marcos Amado Petroli
Robert Venturi’s Camouflaged Academicism Denise Costanzo

S02 - Architectural Culture in Charles V’s Empire (1519-1556). From Global Ambitions to Scientific Approaches

Chairs: Francesca Mattei and Carlos Plaza

Track: Expanded Discourses

Place: ROOM 4

Time entanglements: Reading Earl E. Rosenthal and George Kubler on the Renaissance in Spain and its Dominions, 1948-1959 Carolina B. García-Estévez 
Between Local and Global, Civil Architecture in Palermo and its Neighbourhoods at the Time of Charles V Emanuela Garofalo
The Urban Renewal of Sessa Promoted by the Governor Lope de Herrera (1546-1560) for the Duke Gonzalo II Fulvio Lenzo
“Que el poblador principal tome asiento”: Acts and Actions for the Recording of New Towns Plantation in Jaen, Capitanía General de Chile, and Nueva Granada. 1508-1582 Manuel Sánchez García
An Architecture of Empire: Classical Architecture in the Trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean Hispanic World of the Sixteenth Century Juan Luis Burke

S14 - The Architecture of Global Governance

Chairs: Sven Sterken and Dennis Pohl

Track: Core Margins

Place: ROOM 2

Governing on the Move: American-Sponsored Exhibitions in Europe at Mid-20th Century  Oskar Arnorsson 
Architecture as Governance at the African Union Kenny Cupers and Cole Roskam
The Aga Khan Development Network: A Non-State Player on a Global Stage Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi
Building a Supranational Order: The European Central Bank Sebastiano Fabbrini
“London’s Most Modern Office Building”: Bush House, International Trade, and Anglo-American Friendship in the Aftermath of WWI Elliott Sturtevant

S16 - The Compact City Inside Out. Compact Cities throughout the Ages

Chairs: Petra Brouwer and Tim Verlaan

Track: Urban Paradigms

Place: ROOM 5

A Compact City inside a Compact Metropolis: The Palais-Royal in Paris Sigrid de Jong
“The Big, Greedy, Insatiable Monster”. Compact Cities vs. Villes Tentaculaires and the Protection of Green Space, 1889-1914 Bart Tritmans
Poznań’s Public Green Space. Evolution of a Compact City Layout Piotr Marciniak
“Nowhere Have I Seen a Different Way of Thinking than the Old One”. Conflicting Political and Expert-led Visions on the Concept of “Compact City” in Socialist Romania Liliana Iuga
Co-creating the Compact City: Local Residents, Rebel Architects and the Reinforcement of the Urban Core, Amsterdam 1970-1990  Aimée Albers 
12:30 - 15:30 Lunch + Walking Seminars
13:30 - 15:30

Architectural Histories Meeting

Place: Auditorium

15:30 - 18:00

RT02 - From the South

Chair: Ana María León

Track: Core Margins


Reciprocity Kelema Lee Moses 
Radical Mapping and Listening for a Methodology of Solidarity Ana Ozaki and Marina Oba
An Oral and Visual History of Haitian Architecture: Context and Complicity  Irene Brisson 
Architecture and Episteme Joseph Heathcott
Northern Archives and Southern Knowledge Ayala Levin
Identifying Islamic Architectural History Zehra Tonbul
Unbuilding Whiteness on Institutional Grounds Fabiola López-Durán

S13 - Poetry Designing Architecture: A Global Exploration of Structures Arising from Poetry

Chair: Adedoyin Teriba

Track: Approaches and Methods

Place: ROOM 2

Lyrical Brutalism: Ram Karmi's Concrete Architecture and the Negotiation of Israeli Poetry Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler
Design through Analogies with Poetry. The Disciplinary Approach of John Hejduk Luca Cardani
Code Poetry and the Production of Minor Architecture in Coded Environments Lucía Jalón Oyarzún
Reimagination of the "Peach Blossom Spring" Siqi Deng

S05 - Countercultural Trends: Contemporary Readings on Late 20th Century Architectural Texts and Works

Chairs: Horacio Torrent and Ruth Verde Zein

Track: Expanded Discourses

Place: ROOM 4

Towards a Trash Architecture  Greg Castillo 
The Audience of Architecture: Participation and Disciplinary Autonomy  Ana Tostões
A Drawn Story of Architectural Phenomena. Re-reading Flanders’ Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s Case: Cultural Centre Westrand, Designed by Alfons Hoppenbrouwers, Rudi Somers and Many Others  Laura Lievevrouw and Caroline Voet
Ambiguous and Muddy: the Alternative Practice of Reiko Tomita and her Group Atelier Zo during the Bubble Era  Noemí Gómez Lobo and Diego Martín Sánchez
Contested Countercultures: Tomás Maldonado’s Controversies in Casabella Georg Vrachliotis and Joaquín Medina-Warmburg

S07 - Embodied Energy through Time: Architecture and Its Histories of Resource Consumption

Chairs: Barnabas Calder and Alex Bremner

Track: Material Shifts

Place: ROOM 5

Material Processes and the Construction of the Church of Il Gesù Ann C. Huppert
The Notion of Expenditure in the Public Architecture of Edo Japan Ariel Genadt
Embodied Energy and the 19th Century House: the Process of Domestic Architectural Production Susan Galavan
Architecture, Extremity, and Value (at the End of the World) Timothy Hyde
Historic Supply Chains: Post-War Britain’s Energy Intensive Consumption  Rowena Creagh 

S18 - Urban Design and the Rediscovery of Historic City

Chairs: Janina Gosseye and Isabelle Doucet

Track: Urban Paradigms

Place: ROOM 3

Writing Over a Marked Canvas: 1970s Pedagogies for Urban Reuse  Elke Couchez
Designing (for) the “Milieu”. Urban Struggles and Disciplinary Conflicts in 1970s West Berlin Christa Kamleithner
Breaking Ground: The Southwest Corridor Transit Project in Boston, MA Lucy M. Maulsby
European Architectural Heritage Year 1975 and East-Central Europe Malgorzata Popiolek-Roßkamp
Towards Urban Design: Uncovering the Historic City in the New World Philip Goad and Catherine Townsend
18:00 - 19:30

Ukraine Roundtable

Place: Auditorium

20:00-21:30 Cocktail Dinner: Círculo de Bellas Artes (Ticketed Event)  

Saturday June 18th. COAM

10:00 - 12:30

RT04 - The Conditioned Ground

Chair: André Bideau

Track: Urban Paradigms

Place: ROOM 3

Site of Conscience: Restorative Justice and the Contemporary City, the Case of Dublin’s Magdalene Laundry  Hugh Campbell and Dervla MacManus
Properties of a Financialized Center. Europacity in Berlin Anne Kockelkorn
Land for Few in Paradise for All: Land Policy and Urban Develpment in Minsk since 2009 Dasha Kuletskaya
Zoning as Fiction Davide Spina
Erskinean Isomorphisms Julian Varas

S17 - Untimely Teachers. Recovering Postmodernism’s Anachronic Pedagogies

Chairs: Wouter Van Acker and Steven Lauritano

Track: Approaches and Methods

Place: ROOM 2

Dalibor Vesely and the Model of the Late Baroque Joseph Bedford
The Return of the Precedent: Reading Perspecta in the 1960s  Michael Kubo 
Dientzenhofer as Untimely Teacher: Revisiting Christian Norberg-Schulz’s Research and Teachings on Bohemian Baroque, ca. 1960-1980 Beata Labuhn
Renaissance Redux: Bramante’s Tempietto in Postmodern Houston  Amanda Reeser Lawrence 
Tracing Tacit Knowledge in 1980s Furniture Exhibitions at Belgium’s Saint Luke Schools Benoît Vandevoort

S20 - Women in Architectural Periodicals: Gender Stereotypes, Feminist Discourse and the Female Gaze

Chairs: Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno and Stephen Parnell

Track: Expanded Discourse


Communicating Culture: the Role of Women and Female Architects inside Casabella Magazine. The Gaze of Giulia Veronesi (1906-1970) and Gae Aulenti (1927-2012) Elisa Boeri and Fabio Marino
Why There Hasn’t Been a Ladies Magazine for Architecture: Retracing Jane Webb Loudon  Anne Hultzsch
Eliane Havenith, a Female Gaze for the Architecture Magazine Architecture (19522-1970)? Veronique Boone and Nina Serulus 
The Performative Acts of Becoming an Architect Vitor Alves
Magazines of One’s Own: Soheila Beski and the Post-Revolutionary Discourse of Architecture in Iran Sina Zarei

S15 - The Combinatorial Imperative: Discourses and Practices of Architectural Modularity in the 20th Century

Chairs: Jennifer Mack and Pablo Miranda Carranza

Track: Material Shifts

Place: ROOM 5

Architecture of Schooling: School Construction Systems Development in California Leslie Lodwick
The Tectonics of Housing a City: A Close Reading of the London County Council’s Post-War Details Jesse Honsa 
Wholesale Modularity of Moelven Brug  Maryia Rusak
Beyond Technical Matters: Architects’ Engagements with Dimensional Coordination and Modular Design c. 1940s-1970s  Erik Sigge and Tijana Stevanović
Reference Woman: Modularity and Gender in the Office Amy Thomas

S19 - Women and Radical Bureaucracy

Chair: Helena Mattsson

Track: Core Margins

Place: ROOM 4

Domestic Violence Against Women  Elke Krasny 
Becoming Author: the Feminist Bureaucracy of Circulating Papers in the Production of Matrix’s Making Space Katie Lloyd Thomas and Karen Burns
Feminist Work in Architecture of Multilateralism Olga Touloumi
One “Housewife” to Steer Them All: Marie Elisabeth Lüders’ Managerial Expertise  Anna-Maria Meister 
Financing “My Little House Out West”. The Home Building and Loan Committee of the Women’s Natural Indian Association, 1884-1893 Maura Lucking
12:30 - 15:30 Lunch + Lunch Tours
13:30 - 15:30

EAHN Business Meeting

Place: ROOM 2

15:45 - 16:30

Conference Summation

Track 01: Approaches and Methods    Marta García Carbonero. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Track 02: Expanded Discourses          Anne Hultzsch. ETH Zürich

Track 03: Material Shifts                       Gaia Caramelino. Politecnico di Milano

Track 04: Core Margins                        Kathleen James-Chakraborty. University College Dublin

Track 05: Urban Paradigms                Richard Williams. The University of Edinburgh

Place: Conference Hall

16:30 - 17:15

Closing Lecture: Hilde Heynen

EAHN22 Closing Lecture

Place: Conference Hall

17:15 - 18:00

Closing Ceremony

Architectural Histories Awards

EAHN Presidency Handover

EAHN 2024 Presentation

Place: Conference Hall

18:00 - 18:30 Farewell coffee