El Escorial

escThe Royal Site of San Lorenzo of El Escorial sums up the ideological and cultural aspirations of the Spanish "Golden Age", expressed here through an original synthesis of Italian and Flemish artistic forms at the behest of Philip II. Its most salient feature is the Palace-Monastery, a building isolated in the middle of the countryside, with only a few service buildings. Along with these buildings a small, elegant town was ordered to be planned by the architect Juan de Villanueva. He adapted his Italian classicist training to the nationalist spirit that El Escorial came to represent for the culture of the Spanish Enlightenment.

Visiting the San Lorenzo de El Escorial is the best way to travel through the history of Spain and particularly the reign of Philip II.  It is located close to the cty of Madrid, on the southern face of Mount Abantos, which gives it considerable scenic value. The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial has been on the World Heritage list since 2 November 1984.

The fee includes:

  • Round trip by bus from the city of Madrid.
  • Guided tour of the town, the Monastery, and annexed buildings.
  • Entrance fee to the Monastery.
  • Lunch at Paco Pastel, located in the gardens of the Casita del Príncipe. You can see more about the restaurant on their official website.



GUIDE: Guiomar Martin Dominguez
DATE: Sunday, June 19
TIME: 10:00 AM (Departure from Madrid) - 4:00 PM (Arrival at Madrid)
FEE: 75 €


Tours will only take place if there are sufficient registrations. The deadline to reserve a tour is June 5, 2022.