s1The Old Town of Segovia is located in the centre of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León. The city is symbolic of a complex, historical reality. Its neighbourhoods, streets, and houses are laid out in accordance with a social structure in which hierarchy was organized and dominated by belonging to one of the different cultural communities. Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people coexisted for a long period of time in the medieval city and worked together during the 16th century manufacturing boom. The evidence of this cultural process can be seen in the large number of outstanding monuments in the city, among which, the Roman Aqueduct stands out. Other important monuments can be found in the property: the Alcázar, begun around the 11th century.

The tour includes a visit to the town, the Cathedral and the Alcazar, as well as lunch at the restaurant José María.

The fee includes:

  • Round trip by bus from the city of Madrid.
  • Entrance fee to the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

  • Guided tour of the town and buildings.

  • Lunch at the famous restaurant José María. You can see more about the restaurant on its website.



GUIDE: Antonio Ruiz
DATE: Sunday, June 19
TIME: 10:00 AM (Departure from Madrid) - 8:00 PM (Arrival at Madrid)
FEE: 100 €


Tours will only take place if there are sufficient registrations. The deadline to reserve a tour is June 5, 2022.